Todd in Clearwater

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we're getting ready for our final Florida night with Todd, it has been a blast. hanging out here in our hotel in Jacksonville killing time, reading the other reviews. very surprised by one, (tw banks I believe) to hear such negativity, it seemed to these eyes and ears that everyone was having a great time, and that his piano playing has actually improved this week! don't know what he/she expected, Todd is the coolest, but NOT perfect and the show totally reflected that. we LOVED it and thought he sounded unbelievable in such a beautiful concert hall. the one thing we ALL agree on was hawking. there were 1,234 people there, and you could hear him take a breath and we were in the 30th row center. it was the best performance of that song that I have ever seen, and between the 2 of us that is 190 Todd shows. we were thrilled to get 3 songs we did not get in Orlando... tiny demons, one world, and the wheel. (big time flashback.) all in all, a very respectful crowd and probably the most acoustically perfect theater we have ever seen Todd in. anyone want to read a "professional" review, go to today's Tampa tribune, (Jan 30th) and check it out. critic Chris loved the show, got all the songs and albums right, AND 2 Todd pictures... Florida has been fantastic, the dream definitely goes on. Dan and Jim

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1/28/2003 - Ruth Eckerd Hall - Clearwater, FL

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