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I thought the crowd at this venue was much more subdued. It appeared many of the concert goers didn't really know who Todd was, perhaps they were season tickets holders. At any rate, this performance was amazing. It was much more polished and Todd seemed more relaxed. The set list seemed to flow from his head as he went and while not rehearsed, it was truly awesome. He got the giggles during Lysistrada and again during Hello It's Me and somehow that only added to the performance. No Love in Action at this show, but he performed the most amazing version of the Hawking that I have ever heard. You could have heard a pin drop in the venue and it brought tears to my ears. It was beyond description and the final song of the evening to boot. Afterwards, Mr. Rundgren joined his fans outside the venue, (in spite of the fact that one crazy man was yelling obscenities towards the venue and calling Todd a variety of names). Of course, when Todd appeared the same man bantered with him as if he was his best friend. Hopefully, I won't experience that kind of disrespect at any more shows. In my opinion this show was much better than the HOB show, even though the HOB crowd was livlier. I hope to meet up with many of you at future shows.

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