Mizner Park Amphitheater show

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Oh, where to begin with this review.  This could just as easily become a discourse on the state of concert audiences, nowadays.  But, it's probably just reletive to the pretentious and anal crowd at Boca Raton.  Granted, it was a rare chilly and drizzely night in South Florida, at this month-old outdoor venue.  Maybe the Todd crowd  and Pretenders crowd didn't mesh.  In any event, Todd( the opening act) was great!  He  just played acoustic guitar and piano.  Didn't bring the MP3 thing.  Being a stark, cold night, maybe the crowd wanted to rock early, but this was a Todd solo acoustic evening. Warm, intimate, somewhat reflective.  Perfect for Todd-heads such as myself.  Todd's voice was somewhat loud, through the sound system.  His voice was in fine form, and his falsetto was also very good.  But, as you know, Todd occasionally has bouts of wretchedly screaming his lyrics.  I find this rather endearing, but neophytes find this in bad form.  Afterwards, audience members I spoke with said that the set was too short, and that they missed his band.  But, again, Todd did a great job.  I guess South Florida  audiences don't understand if you're not of the Latin American persuasion.  What I really hated was that the crowd( not even the obvious Todd-heads) could muster up enough noise for an encore. Horrors!!  Chrissie Hynde's Pretenders did a good show, although her repeated use of the F-word would shock Ozzie Osbourne( as it hopefully did the glitzy-schmitzy Boca Raton crowd).  I'm glad I was there, and I hope Todd's swing through Florida, the southeast, and northeast brings a better, responsive crowd, than these nouveau rich idiots I was forced to sit among. Any South Florida fans wishing to discuss this with me can reach me at sanssoucimoi@aol.com.  Thank you

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1/25/2003 - Mizner Park Amphitheater - Boca Raton, FL

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