house of blues, orlando - 1/24/03

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it may have been cold outside but todd had the house of blues smokin'....what a difference a venue makes. don't get me wrong, i loved the moon in tallahassee - but ( and i hate to be critical ) the crowd there was lame. i didn't know if i was at a concert or it was viewing hours for the recently departed.

house of blues is an awesome venue....the place was packed and the crowd was obviously very into TR. i got there 45 minutes before the show and already the standing room only area in front of the stage was packed.

everything worked for this show. the venue, the crowd and obviously if it's gonna be special the main attraction was really on. as i indicated previously, flubs don't bother me a great deal, but there were hardly any last night and thank goodness he got rid of some of the crap technology that didn't work.

after the first song a woman in the audience yelled out she wanted to have todd's baby - but he assured her five children were enough. the entire show was filled with entertaining banter....esppecially a comment near the end of the show when the background "band" was playing during the bossa nova part of the show. todd informed us he was playing the saxophone with his butt!

all in all, a great solo show. highlights again were compassion, it wouldn't have made any difference, i don't want to tie you down and because it's my favorite TR song and it made it last night - a dream goes on forever.

well, it's on to clearwater tuesday. i understand it's a very nice place, but again i'm worried it's gonna be way too formal and laid back a setting for me. maybe i'll have a few johnny walker's and see if i can change that.......

and finally, nice talking to the young man who moved from texas to orlando and attended his first todd show .....hope you enjoyed it and good luck with the baby in two months!!

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1/24/2003 - House of Blues Orlando - Orlando, FL

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