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Orlando house of blues was packed with fans from all over the country tonight, San Diego, new jersey, west palm beach, Tampa, Cleveland and new York, etc. etc. it was a very cold night in central Florida, felt like waiting in line for a new years eve Chicago show. but the doors opened on time at 8, the heat was on, and in no time everyone was warmed up and ready to go. royston langdon came on at 9 and was greeted very warmly (like almost family) by everyone, and played a well received 40 minute set that included spacehog's hit "in the meantime" and a cover of a Queen song from ''Sheer Heart Attack". He was as gracious as any opener for Todd could possibly be. Finally though, it was 10 o'clock and time for Todd to really warm everyone up. The show kicked off with "Hammer", a great "Cliche" and "Common Man". Todd sounded and looked great, relaxed, and bitching of course about the record breaking Florida freeze. Set list was somewhat standard to the first night, but some really nice surprises too, including a great "lysistrada", acoustic "love in action"(which got the crowd very pumped) a piano "hello it's me", (surprise to us) ending with "dream goes on" and to end, "hawking". in the middle of the show was the twist portion, same as the first 2 shows. Todd seemed genuinely appreciative of the audience, mentioning twice how great the crowd was, and he was right, it was a GREAT crowd, rowdy and loud at times, and ultra quiet for piano tunes like It would have made any difference and hawking. All in all a really nice night with Todd, who definitely seemed to be enjoying himself, also nice to see the set list shaken up somewhat, we LOVE that. Looking forward to the rest of the Florida leg, bundle up Boca Raton fans...

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1/24/2003 - House of Blues Orlando - Orlando, FL

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