House of Blues Orlando

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For starters,Todd opened up with Hammer in my Heart and during the solo,which is very Pete Townshendesque these days,said something like "For some reason when I play this I think of a soon to be famous child pornographer".

After doing his traditional acoustic guitar tunes,he switched to piano and played a flawless COMPASSION(awesome).He played IWHMAD solo piano,which goosebumped everyone in the place.He performed it perfectly and got a huge crowd response!

He returned to his distorted acoustic and rocked the House of Blues with a very animated LOVE in ACTION,which had the crowd singing background for him!

I was particularly impressed by his HELLO IT'S ME encore.I've seen him play this many ways;from With a Twist to his handshaking Utopia days to Nearly Human with a big band backing him up,but THIS is now my personal favorite presentation.Between this and IWHMAD,I hope somebody's recording these shows!HELLO IT'S ME was his first encore.He came back,sat at the piano and said"This is gonna be a little tricky"and proceeded to do a beautiful job and looked happy doing it!This says much,as from what I gather,he's not real fond of that song after playing it a billion times.Even as a huge fan I get tired of it,but last night all of that dissappeared.

Todd's second encore was HAWKING,also beautiful.The crowd begged him to come back for a third,but no luck!

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1/24/2003 - House of Blues Orlando - Orlando, FL

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