1/24/03 house of blues orlando fl

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hello fellow utopians/patronites/individualist..here is my account of a day in Todd . .I started the day off listening to his CDs and reading the new book by Billy James,i scanned the radio stations to see if there were any interviews,by late afternoon  i called the radio stations and no one seemed to know anything???ok so i talked my wife into going an hour early to wait in line(this is florida were talking about and it was freezing around  30 degrees)where we met fellow fans and huddled to keep warm.believe me if it wasn't sooo cold i would have been there earlier.anyway when i was talking to some people i was surprised to find out a lot of people  still didn't know about your web site so i plugged it as much as possible!once inside i got a spot very front on right side of the stage looking out my side left..no one was in front of me my hand was on the stage.we met some more wonderful fans while waiting ,one guy passed around a photo album of some of his pictures he has collected of Todd over the years .another lady had the new book(i choose not to bring my copy cause i didn't want to have to hold it the whole time,so i brought a copy of the with a twist ..CD in case i could get our hero to sign it)there were also lots of people sporting cool Todd and utopia shirts from all eras.now for the show..royston langdon opened the show and was really good.he did a song on piano that started out with(sounded like) the chords of a dream goes on forever and stated it was his Todd influenced song and he also spoke very highly of Todd.so when he was done  our anticipation growing they are playing some really weird music like hillbilly/Irish folk???just when we couldn't take it anymore out comes Todd!!! the house of blues was full to my eyes,so hopefully we'll stay on the tour list..now i was so caught up in the concert ill never get a set list down but ill give you the ones i can remember..he started with guitar /hammer in my heart..and not in this order but other songs on guitar were..cliche ,love of the common man,i dont want to tie you down,lysistrata, bang on the drum,there goes my inspiration,youve got to hide your love away,love in action..where in the middle he did this funny rap about  how sometimes you have to stop...an some women yelled she wanted to have his baby and he politely said 5 was enough and mentioned something about having a two year old behind him on the plane and how things can build up and get on your nerves,it was hilarious and he did the run in place with legs out stretched like they did on that song with utopia.. on one of the songs he mentioned inspiration from a certain person who has been getting it in the press lately(p.t.) on piano he did  lots of stuff song of the viking,compassion,freemale and 21 which he goofed up on(we all know he's not lip synching) and some where in there he mention getting an all boy band together that would have a certain shelf life and then the singer would fall in love with an all girl band singer and run off..he did his bosa nova stuff with the box which he couldnt get to play right at first..some of that set i remembered were influenza and can we still be friends,i saw the light and Todd mentioned getting the lovers in the crowd together (and closing the deal) and the encores were IWHMADifference ,hello its me(a wonderful version) and hawking !!!the show was fabulous enjoyed every minute my wife said she loves when he messes up cause he's always so funny about it , and right before he left the stage the last time.....he came over to me reached down and signed my cd!!!!!!!after being a fan since 1973/74 I now have his autograph!!!!my wife started crying cause she knew how much it meant to me....so id say this was a good day in Todd indeed. thanks for listening ,hope i got it right....jb

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1/24/2003 - House of Blues Orlando - Orlando, FL

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