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After a long wait of over 3 hours in the freezing FLA temperatures, I was more than ready to move inside. The HOB venue was filled and the crowd was energetic. I met many new Todd fans, including an extemely nice fan who had flown in from San Diego for a "Todd fix". She and I were in the front row and enjoyed every second of the performance.

Todd opened with Hammer in My Heart and from what I hear the set list was basically the same as in Tallahasee. The performance seemed raw and very unrehearsed but it was TODD and no one complained. The set list was typcial; Cliche, Love of the Common Man, Compassion and other songs we were expecting. Surprisingly he did Bang on the Drum, on the guitar, (stating he didn't bring his Uke) and knowing that isn't one of his favorite songs we can only guess he enjoys the Island version. Love in Action was a real crowd pleaser and it seems Todd has given in to the top 40 crowd by performing Hello It's Me. His with the twist set was fun since he was able to interact with the crowd a bit more. Todd waited until almost 1 am to exit HOB. I imagine he wanted to avoid a large crowd since it was cold and standing outside surely wasn't part of the game plan. However, he was gracious to the few of us who braved the cold and hung around to meet our hero. When asked about the Billy James book, Todd diplomatically stated that the book was the way some people remembered things and he was writing his own book. He also said that writing the book had become too much like homework. So while he didn't give the book a glowing review, Moogy Klingman is very pleased with the final product, so I guess we have to read it for ourselves....Stay tuned for more shows and more surprises........

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