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Great Show! I must admit that I was disappointed when I heard that it was going to be solo show- I wanted to rock!  Solo show at the House of Blues? How is he going to pull it off? Well he did- as always. The place was full, especially for a cold night. The crowd was great and totally into it.  I have seen many Todd solo/band shows and somehow this was a little different. Todd's voice was excellent. He has so much control and his 30+yrs of experience really shows. The set list you can read on other reviews, but my favorites were- Hawking, There Goes.. Inspiration, Compassion, You Got to Hid your Love, Clich/, and just about everything else. 

Todd has a lot of balls to do a show like this. For $30 ticket at a major club you expect to get a whole band.  Our hero pulled it off.  Just One More Victory! 

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1/24/2003 - House of Blues Orlando - Orlando, FL

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