Tallahassee Review 1/23/03

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you know, i drove all the way from northern indiana for this show in florida and it was colder in florida than when i left home.....guess i'm just a lucky guy.

" you want the moon, i'll throw a lasso around it and pull it down for ya"...no wait, not that moon....this show was at a very nice venue with a good sound system called "the moon".

out of the approximately 30 TR shows i've been to, this was the first solo show i have seen. i loved it. it by no means was my favorite, but i loved it. it was more like todd came out in the living room of his house and played to us than going to a concert.

of course with TR he's gotta try some new technological stuff - and as with anything new sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. true, it was a little distracting, but todd's sense of humor can cover any situation.

highlights of the night were definately two songs cranked out beautifully on the piana. compassion and it wouldn't have made any difference were awesome. also, what a great surprise hearing my anthem....tiny demons.

i'm sure TR wanted to close with a dream goes on forever, but once again technology reared it's ugly face and prevented that. instead, OH walked to the piano, thought for a moment and played one of his greatest songs ever - hawking.

for someone who didn't know mr. rundgren's music or someone who was looking for a rock concert - they were probably disappointed. for a TR fan, it was great.

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