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First I must preface my comments with - I am a huge FAN!!
I am truly in love with Todd and have had various events in my life which  mark this affection.

Originally I'm from Columbus, Ohio. We used to say (whether it's true I'm not certain) Ohio is Todd country. You either like Todd or you like The Boss.  I've been living in Tallahassee now for 17 years. I have one other close friend here who also loves Todd and he tells me he saw Todd at the FSU stadium in 1976. I'm not certain if that was the last time he was here or not. But I hope he doesn't take that long to return.
The Eagle 99.9 radio station -  is a crappy station.  I am more grateful, apparently more than the station is, they sponsored this concert date.
I figured the only Todd song they play is 'Bang on the Drum'.
Below is an e-mail I wrote to all my close Todd fans friends now scattered around the country:
Tonight  after seventeen years of living in this funny named southern town of Tallahassee, Todd arrived.
Yes, Todd Rundgren came to my little corner in this armpit of Florida.

Of course, I bought VIP tickets. Because, well  -  I love him.
All I can say is this. I must really  love him.  There's no other excuse why I forgave him for  the inexcusable
unpreparedness of his performance this evening.

I'm in total shock. He was out of tune on more than one arrangement. He lost the chords of many popular songs  you'd think he'd have memorized. He had technical problems with his pre-composed arrangements.
I'm just in shock. But I am still in love.
His voice is still there. I'd sit and stare at him all day long if I had the chance. He could just talk, I'd listen.
I think I've loved him since the first time I saw him in 1983 at The Agora (The Newport)  in Columbus, Ohio.
If there's one single event which I am grateful for it would be when my college boyfriend introduced Todd's music to me.
So here's to all of you - my friends who are fans of Todd.
He still does it for me - but if there's a concert near you - beware and be open.
I wish I could go to another show on the tour but I'm too busy to make the ones near me. I've almost considered going home to Columbus to see him in April. We'll see.

I doubt Todd reads these - but if he does - My Dream Lives on Forever.

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