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I have been listening to Todd every since Something/Anything.I have seen the Acapella,Nearly Human,2nd Wind and Individualist tours and have always been pleased by Todd's performances.So it was with great anticipation that I went to see "An evening with Todd Rundgren" at House of Blues in New Orleans. Most of the other reviews were fairly accurate about the show (song list,Todd's onstage banter etc.)but I had an angle to the show I wanted to share.As I was growing up, there were some tough times in my life and Todd's music inspired me and gave me hope to get through those hard times.And at the show, I felt like it was almost like one of those "Casino" shows where the "artist from the past comes and plays all of the crowds favorite tunes", and thats not so bad.But I wanted to hear something new! Yes, I know there is Patronet, but not everybody has a home computer and is on line.As a youth minister I am always challenging my young people to " be different, to go beyond the ordinary! And Todd has always been that.Most of all I want them to know they CAN change the world with a guitar, or a plastic platter! So, I hope and pray that Todd still has that fire and determination to use his giftings and talents to encourage a new generation! Yes, I did enjoy the show and am grateful to Todd for inspiration and courage to follow my dreams and vision.

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1/20/2003 - House of Blues - New Orleans - New Orleans, LA

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