Todd's First Tour Date of the New Year - House Of Blues - New Orleans, LA - Jan. 20, 2003

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This review is for those of you who are still on the fence about whether or not to catch him on this tour. I happen to prefer the electric Todd, such as the fairly recent Walk Down Abbey Road (Beatles covers, with him sharing the stage with John Entwhistle, Alan Parsons, Ann Wilson, and David!!!) and the Todd which is presented on the video Live In San Francisco (bass-guitar-drums playing boogie & blues).

In typical Todd fashion and to quote Monty Python's Flying Circus: "And now for something completely different!" This tour is Todd unplugged, just him, acoustic guitars, grand piano, and a few gadgets. For those of you who prefer the mellower acoustic Todd, by all means don't miss this tour!!! He is also looking better than ever, and his attractive black suit and sun glasses made him look like the pop legend that he really is. Elton John and Billy Joel and other pop legends can't hold a candle to this true pop icon! And he still has his great sense of humor. I actually enjoyed the mistakes and his comments afterwards. (Hey, Todd is not God!)

As for myself, I should not have even attended this show in the first place, as I am going through one of the worst personal crises in my life. To miss Todd as a result of this would have been total sacrilege. Of course, I went anyway, but just could not enjoy it. Between my desire for the electric material and my less-than-thrilled mood, I wound up walking out after only 4-5 songs. I was almost willing to wait for a few more songs before giving up, but when I heard him play the worst version of Hammer In My Heart that I have ever heard, that did it for me. As for the other 800 Todd fans in the audience, I am really glad that they were able to enjoy the show.

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1/20/2003 - House of Blues - New Orleans - New Orleans, LA

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