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Just wanted to add my review to the other N.O. reviews before my memory fades.

This was my first show. I had never seen Todd live before, and I really did not know what to expect from a tour entitled "An Evening with Todd Rundgren." I very much enjoyed myself. What struck me particularly was how crystal clear his voice was. I was really amazed by that. I knew I was seeing a master at work. When he played "Compassion," it brought tears to my eyes. I was rivited. I know that the gadgetry has had mixed reviews, but in a way I thought it was unique because what other recording star would do it like that? They pretend to sing while they jump around like idiots. At least he was open about what was pre-recorded. I liked the way in the beginning he recorded a loop live and then played along with it. Again, who else would do that? Royston Langdon was the best opening act I've seen--he has a great voice and is apparently a multi-instrumentalist. Todd was in a great mood. He cracked jokes and even when he flubbed stuff, it was totally light hearted. One reviewer said it was like he was performing in your livingroom. It was informal just like that. But that made it feel very warm & personal. The turnout was excellent. It wasn't packed to the gills, but it certainly was packed. The crowd was enthusiastic and encouraging. But here comes the real treat--I got to meet Todd backstage. He was the nicest person! I told him it was my first show but that I was a longtime fan. He asked if I had enjoyed the show, and when I said yes, he was pleased because he knew it wasn't just veteran fans "putting up" with him. He autographed the back of my ticket, with a pen supplied by his very nice assistant. I told him about my reaction to "Compassion," and he said that "it was supposed to" bring tears to my eyes. Then I mentioned that "Love is the Answer" was also one of my big faves, and he said something like "oh yeah, that's a good one!" Then he very obligingly took a picture with me and patted my shoulder as I bade him good night. Like I said, he was SO NICE! He made me feel very welcome. I was so totally happy! In short, this experience was one of the best of my life so far, hands down. If you are a fan, you should go if you are at all able.

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