New Orleans!

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New Orleans!!!!!!House of Blues!!!
OK guys- I will TRY to give you the overview but I'm still in happy, happy "float down mode" yet also quite tired from travel-

So many nice people!!!-within 10 min of arriving, I met 3 die hard fans, also taking advantage of the policy of the venue that allows you to enter the show 1st if you eat there early ( ah, the beauty of being an "older fan"- used to be I'd wipe my babysitting $$ out just on the ticket!).


The hall was small- holds 1,000, and 500 tix were sold but more came and got tix at the door- nice place, good sound- friends told me that it was called "House of Rules" due to mean Security guards but they were fine that and I was able to take stageside photos which will be up here soon.


Cliche(after which TR made a comment that the song was in a "Townsend" groove- he then used the word "pedophile"..yikes- I urged him jokingly to "repent" and he laughed -)

Tie you Down ( "for LIV"-who requested it)

Hammer in my Heart- very nice acoustic version

Hide your Love Away ...we all helped with the "heys"

Viking Song

Compassion ....SIGH

Free, male and 21 ( please Todd, let this one go- replonomatopoeia onomatopeia fergodssake but give this one a deep burial)

It wouldn't Have made Any Difference

House Carpenter (very moving )


Todd has a "new box" that plays the backing tracks for this segment- those of you who've seen him fuss with the old one will still see him fuss, but a bit less.

Saw the light,Influenza, Can We Still Have Sex and finally, "so folks can get laid" (he said)- I Want You.

Next- a hee haw version of another Beatles tune- I've There Seen a Face

Ther goes My Inspiration

One World (clap clap- dedicated to a fan by name-now, how nice is THAT?)

the encores of this SHORT SHOW??

The Wheel

Dream Goes ON

Our hero wore a black suit - Nehru kinda collar- which he later removed to reveal "a long flowing" black and white tiki themed shirt -still those funny little cheap Chinese loafers- you all know...

Also, Royston Langdon was a talented opener for this show- he has a great voice and the audience seemed to respond well to his music- he gave props to Todd and mentioned his influence...I didnt realize this was his 1st solo show- he handeled it all very well. Nice phase shifty acoustic guitar sound...

Ummmm.... afterward, I went up to the private club above House of Blues (a very nice person let me up- Southern hospitality is no lie...) TR was possibly gonna be there but I didn't feel he would and after 20min in this swanky yet sinful sorta atmosphere (lotsa genitals carved outta wood and prints from the Kama Sutra) hmmmmm- I went back out side where shortly after, and Liv and the MAN showed up for us diehards- about 6 of us- Liv was shy and sweet- no one bugged her- she is a voluptuous, exquisite girl.

Todd was gracious and spent time chatting about things --like what he did in New Orleans the past 3 days- "freeze my ass off and possibility off" ---the possibliity of a Utopia regroup-(NOPE.) and the album I had him sign which was the recent Wizard 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing-he talked about how the old one skipped and skidded so much (esp. on my teenage era Sears stereo, I thought)-he told me I had Ian Hunter's hair and I was not quick or quippy enough to claim that I actually bought it from Peter Frampton on ebay... hahaha.

Anyway- I'm swooning too much to write now! Our Hero in fine voice, great spirits and just incredible!

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1/20/2003 - House of Blues - New Orleans - New Orleans, LA

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