Creative Conference in Portland

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Todd gave a lecture on muse and solitude. He leisurely paced back and forth between 2-300 people during his presentation. He talked about solitude needed 1) when you are so new at something you have to be alone to practice 2) because you don't speak anyone else's language around you (circumstance) and 3) when you self enforce solitude to let your creative juices flow. He spoke of liking his creativity best when it just flowed from his subconscious with songs like "Bang the Drum all Day. Other songs take a lot more work to piece together. He also said he tells bands he produces that the studio sessions will be hard work with much attention to detail. He also talked about the evolution of the music industry (5 singles + flip sides= 1 album) to today's giant corporations and Patronet.  He was funny, well spoken, and answered a number of questions from the audience. I'd say most of the people there were Todd fans and were delighted to hear him speak. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear what was on his mind about these topics.

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