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From: Shirley Nelson
Date: 3/4/2002

I didn't make it to the concert in St. Paul, but was just out on your site and read the reviews. I have seen Todd be off on notes by a key or two on the keyboard over the years, but never stop dead in a song and not finish it. According the reviewers, this happened in three songs. Is there something organically amiss with Todd health wise? Guitar has always been his strongest instrument, but in his wizard heyday he was known to actually "play" a number of instruments including the keyboard. I am glad that I did not show for the concert, because it would have saddened me to see the state the boy is in for lack of honest musicianship. I see other artists older than he who not only remember how to play instruments, but are making vital music. I don't get it - all that talent and he gives so little.

Date: Tue, 05 Mar 2002 09:51:05 EST
From: Debbie Leneave
Subject: St. Paul Show

I don't care if he beats on a coffee can with a stick, Todds the best out there and if you don't realize that, then how can you even think that you can write a review of music. The show was EXCELLENT!!! TODD RULES......

From: "john rudd powhida"
Subject: Glen Barron's comments
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 00:00:28 -0500

Hall and Oates are misunderstood musical masterminds and you sir should romove the ears from your hateful, ignorant head." Warbabies" is every bit as brilliant as "Oops Wrong Planet", and "Sacred Songs", is as good as "Wizard". If all you are aware of is "Maneater" then find out about the brilliant and unjustly maligned band you diss, fool. John Powhida Boston Ma.

Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 20:18:42 -0700
From: jenny currey

i read the review of todd's dallas show and was hoping to get the name of the girl that opened for him - i thought she was awesome and would like to buy her cd if she's got one. can ya help me out here? it was something like kayeila?

From: "Donna Kayden"
Subject: Wasted Money - Thanks
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 10:37:21 -0600

I bought tickets to see the Abbey Road tour at City Lights Pavilion Denver, Co. some time ago now I learn you have cancelled, great. My husband has been looking forward to this for sometime he has gone to every Todd Concerts since the New York days back in the early 1970's. Then I had to tell him Todd Cancelled the Denver tour from his own tour just wanted Todd to know that people spend their money to keep him doing what he likes best. I don't think I'll see any more of his concerts or buy any more DVD, Cd every again. I really hate it when musician get so big of themselves if it were not people out here like me supporting Todd, he would be on the streets. Thanks for nothing


To: "Donna Kayden"
From: "Roger D. Linder"
Subject: Re: Wasted Money - Thanks

Though I personally don't have anything to do with the tour or the cancellation, I will post your message to the tour page general section. I'm sorry to hear of the cancellations, but I don't think the band or its members are responsible. I'm certain that the local promoters didn't see ticket sales materialize enough to fill their greedy pockets.

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 12:21:31 -0500
From: Keith Tuxhorn
Subject: General comment: opener for TR at Dallas 6/21

I think the woman's name was Zarya. Wasn't crazy about her songs, but she had a very nice voice. -Keith Tuxhorn

From: Michele Rundgren
Date: 7/4/2002

Hi Roger,
Thought you'd get a kick outta this......... While TR was on the first week of Abbey Road, there was some discrepancy in the tour book for the band. Even the road manager was confused as to when they were playing Sacramento and when the day off was. No one TR got onto your site and the entire Abbey Road cast & crew figured out where they were supposed to play and when.....thanks to your site.

TR mentioned that they should check your site from now on......that you always knew what was happening....sometimes even before Todd did. Since the tour booklets are not done for Hall & Oates........TR checks your site to plan his schedule.

MAHALO! for keeping us informed.......

From: Richie Krizz
Date: Sat, 13 Jul 2002 15:18:53 EDT

I have to say that ive been a fan of Todds since the 70s. I will always continue to enjoy his music. But, ever since the Power Trio Tour in 2000.... Todd has sunk to new lows.Each time that ive seen him LIVE, its been mistake after mistake.... sloppiness and a lack of preparing.Its a shame!!!

Another thing that has me bugged is this summers tour fiasco.No body seems to know if hes playing.... when hes playing or if the show is going to be cancelled.

I dont understand why he didnt go out solo along with the abbey road tour. Instead of being able to see a solo show of his or with the abbey road show..... i have to see him back up Hall and Oates or Tull? On top of that, we have to go out and spend our money HOPING that Todd shows up at one of these Abbey road shows....

I think this is rediculous..... Hey Todd, show LITTLE MORE COMPASSION TO YOUR FANS.

From: Loraine, long Island, NY
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 23:27:25 EDT

Hello Roger, I have been enjoying your site for some time and saw the show at Westbury on July 25th. My husband and I also noticed Jack Bruce acting in an unprofessional way at that show, with the roadies. But my reason for commenting is when I read Russell Brieter's review for the Jones Beach show on Aug 15th, which unfortunately I did not attend as I was on vacation.

Russell mentioned a Utopia show at a 1/2 filled Nassau Coliseum in the early 80's. I can't remember the exact year either, but I will NEVER forget what a great show that was. Does anyone also remember Utopia shows in the rink at Central Park, the Palladium, South St Seaport, somehere outside off the West Side Hwy and several shows at a small club in NJ? All these were in the late 70's and early 80's. I will go see TR anytime, but my dream is to see UTOPIA together again. Just One Victory.

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