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yes its me.i drove 8 hours each day to catch the last show because i missed pgh because of when you dont yet have kids and your wife is busy preparing for school year..what a way from WV-anyhow-i got there and wondered if i was at the wrong place-yes, this looked like ribs and tons of people but dicky betts (of abb fame) was on stage and playing every single allmans song in ultra-jam fashion-each clocking in at at least 10 mins long with dozens and dozens of long southern rock gtr solos that went on and on and to, said nary a word-i love the abb but dicky (ive seen him before here in cumberland, md) just goes so far over the top-if youre not totally into southern rock, its too much. And it was.. Way too much-after they ended with ramblin man and statesboro..the hardcore beer drinkers left and the sane people filled in--it was about a 60% changeover--i filled into row 10 and met some nice todd folk-especially a librarian with a tr-i shirt on who was kind enough to go buy me a lemonade between sets...anyhow-please check my cdr list for technical sound points-ill concentrate on the other points here. This was a large venue with a sound to match-the most annoying point was the chest pushing sound of the bass drum which would have been more appropriate at a slayer or anthrax show but i got used to it and all involved were giving it up for the last show of the tour. Heres todds list with comments:

intro/lcm (todd made jokes about not lighting a match due to the crowd being full of pork and beans-his performance was shakey but only due to mic being adjusted and him cleaning out the pipes for the show)
cliche (super version-great pacing and singing) (now its time to move from the mild sauce to the hot sauce)
hit me like a train (really cooks now-todds gtr at end raging and prominent)
im looking at you (real good one-the ending vocs are ive heard)
buffalo grass (a real crowd pleaser...go figure..nice version-still no 3rd verse catclaw backgrounds- which i always thought really gave momentum to the tune on the trio tour but they never did that way on this tour-still really energized the crowd)
parallel lines
hello its me (todd does his Love my life/bruce ending--and stops to say "work with me people"- has a phone ring on the stage-too long for his gag and then says "what is this? A jack bruce night?"..aha--anyhow, to be truthful-the crowd didnt get it but really loved it and did adequate participation-btw-the 13 year old boy to my right had braces and was singing long with passion- it was cool.
love is the answer (well received)
rock love (best version-really kept moving by braun who sounded almost like he was speeding up)-todd went nuts prancing from side to side of the stage and really was going all out..on fire!!)

Hall and Oates then took the stage-my comments here are sparse-they are good for todd in that i think it may have loosened up his perspective so that we may get some different vocal inflections when he plays live-i think todd has a similar tendency to have soul style adlib to his melodies but todd does sing the same inflections or adlibs everytime whereas h and o take more chances night after night. To that end, it looked as if todd was picking up the vibe on his set as well as the end. Thats a good thing. Anyhow-heres H and O:

adult education
out of touch
say it isnt so
ill do it for love
shes gone
color of love
one on one
sara smile
i cant go for that
rich girl
(todd returns but voc mic not on at start-then is too loud when they realize the mistake and is adjusted)

i saw the light (cwsbf is deleted from set)
kiss on my list
band intros
hot fun in the summertime (todd is so wound up that he is kicking t bones strings for sound-and gets into an ass pushing contest back to back with h and o's guitarist which ends up with todd tackling him and the end comes in a pile on the stage-DH laughed his ass off)

shortened set missing wait for me, cwsbf and everytime you go away. Happy mood abounded-crowd into it. I was outta town in a jiffy...ive been to indy before-always liked the city............great wrap on this important tour that i think had the potential to make tr a lot of new fans who were on the edge of fandom..i really think that if there is a artist out there who can benefit from these awdar, ringo and this set up, its todd..people love him wherever he goes and he seems ever more comfortable with who he is now..i never thought i would see him so comfortable with a set up like this but appeared to love it...the history is so clear where you have a hit machine like H and O and todd against the set...he still refuses to pick out a greatest hits lets talk about comparing the tunes..there is no comparison between the two-one is tuneful but has a lot of fluff for pops sake-todd avoided this road-in my opinion, love is the answer and such will be remembered long after maneater is. maybe commercial success is not so important when you consider the legacy and the true value of your work. Maybe on the other hand stubborness has it the short run perhaps. Till the next tour

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