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oh, where to begin. this will be in no logical order - just as things come to me today.

first, mr. hall was all smiles last night and i think i know why - 'cause nobody in central michigan appears to have ever heard of todd rundgren and it was definitely a H&O crowd ( but you've got to remember - wallace carried michigan in '68.....)

i don't like shows at casinos. the facility was great - super hotel, restaurants, casino - and the best sound system at any venue i have been to in my life....problem is you just get a bunch of big hitters who show up, get the prime tickets, have no idea what the hell is being played and can't wait to get back to the blackjack table and another vodka martini.

the show itself was abbreviated - shortened sets and encore less than half of previous venues. the sound system again was just so good it made up for alot and OH's voice had returned from the dead...... would have sworn TR was in my living room singing. " i'm looking at you but i'm talking to myself" and " parallel lines" unfreakin' believable.

sat across the table from a very nice and attractive young lady from lansing who was definitely a TR fan with all kinds of state of the art a/v "stuff". if my behavior didn't frighten you - drop me a note to say "hi"

now, regarding my friend for the road trip last night ......i guess i've converted 10 beer bailey into a rundgren junkie and he was all too eager to do the four hour journey. we took his vehicle and were less than 30 miles into the sojourn ( although he was on beer # 3 at this point - again i'm the designated driver) when the vehicle lurched and then died. my question is what mental midget knows we're going on a 230 mile trip and has no gas in his vehicle. his three beer response is it's the driver's responsibility. just like the o'reilly factor - i'll let you dicide.

anyway, all of this happened on the toll road with trucks whipping by us at 75mph. after 10 beer takes off on foot and i've got to quickly cover up 3 empty beer cans as our friends from the indiana state police stop by to see if they can help....we resumed our trip about 35 minutes later as bailey comes running across 4 lanes of traffic with about 1 gallon of gas in a milk carton. i could kick his ass.

eventually got to the venue with two hours to spare and i took advantage of it as i ventured into the casino for a little craps and 3 card poker and might i add that the three card poker was very good as three 8's sent me home up $240.

well, that's it for this year. i refuse to see OH play what i'm sure will be an even more abbreviated set in a parking lot in indy - i don't care if it is a festival and that's where all the acts are playing. now if he'd get jesse and kasim and hit " the vogue" - that would be another road trip adventure.

p.s. two things i've got to express that i've failed to mention previously. if you are ever in cleveland and thinking of going to the rock and roll hall of fame, do yourself a favor and save the $17.00 , buy yourself a bottle of johnny walker red instead and flip through old album covers - you will have a much better time. and regarding the chicago venue - the chicago theatre is the most beautiful place you could ever see a concert - incredible historic building, the greatest marquee in the country and the worst ( i mean the worst) sound system you have EVER heard....everything was mush. i've heard louder, clearer music in the back row at church.

thank you for your time. -

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