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Todd walked on stage at the Chicago Theater opening with a statement pertaining to finally playing indoors, and Chicago having a warm spot in his heart.

Todd started out in typical Todd fashion, having to push hard to blow out the higher vocal register for LOTCM and Cliché', [sounding painful] but as always, started hitting stride a few songs into his set. "Parallel Lines" was heartfelt and incredible. The newer tunes, "Hit Me Like A Train" and "Buffalo Grass" sounded excellent as H&O's band added their style into the songs. These versions were much funkier and more full sounding than say the "Power Trio" versions, due in large part to H&O's exceptional keyboardist, [not sure of his name] and T-Bone Wolk on the bass. These guys are monsters. Todd seemed authentically inspired by the great crowd response and really stretched out on "Rock Love". It reminded me of the form he was in during the "Nearly Human" shows, showing a lot of energy, dancing and screaming wildly.

The encore w/ Hall & Oates was really fun to watch and hear. It surmises the whole show in a nice, well-suited package. It's a "Blue-eyed Philly Soul-fest" and it just works.

I could hear a lot of people in our loge box saying the inevitable, "I didn't know Todd Rundgren did this song", when they kicked in to "I Saw The Light" and "Can We Still Be Friends". Todd sounds like them on their stuff and Daryl Hall sounds like Todd on his stuff. This was imho, a perfectly logical tour format for Todd. Now there's something you don't say everyday... RH

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