Chicago Show ....8/27/02

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i realize i'm a little ( ok - a lot ) biased , but todd owns chicago.

just like cleveland - a packed house and todd certailnly had more than his fair share of fans there. set list was the same - very surprised that TR did "cliche" as he obviously left his voice somewhere in ohio or michigan.

"buffalo grass" for some reason sounded better than i've ever heard it and it was a flashback to the 70's as he had the joint rockin' and on their feet for "hello, it's me"

"parallel lines" and its presentation by OH might simply be the best song he has ever done.

well, it's onto mt. pleasant thursday night .....might as well leave early and mix in a little three card poker and craps before the main event.

one last thought and i hope this doesn't mean i'm getting old or mature or something like that....last night was the second TR concert in a row where nothing stronger than the refreshing water has entered my body. i really missed it last night but i feel oh so much better today!!

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8/27/2002 - Chicago Theatre - Chicago, IL

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