Chicago Theatre - 8-27-02

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The night started out at the Bennigan's on Michigan ave where I hooked up with Jeff (Weavil) and Deb and Hersh all from TR Conn. Great to finally meet and have a beer together. I'm always amazed at the love and energy shared by TR fans

Then off to the show where I ended up with 8th row right in the center (got tickets thru H& you!) TR owns Chicago? Of course. From the minute he showed his face he could hear that. He opened with LOTCM-after he finished the crowd wouldn't stop screaming he had start Cliche to quiet us down. He was smiling-you could tell he knew it would be a good show. He seemed in great spirits. Parallel Lines was very soulfully sung.  Oh baby he still HAS IT! Rock Love was a rockin good time indeed! TR you can dance-you lied to us in chat!  He launched a guitar pick and my sister saw it fly. She said to herself that pic is going to Janet (me). It did. After some searching the floor tho (it was right at my feet) I snagged it. Thanks TR my second pic (first one during Surf Talks during Power TRio at Navy Pier and I was 11th row then!) You may say coincidence--I say karmic! He definately worked the stage-shaking hands-spreading the love. None of that with H&O.

I do apologize to all the H&O fans around me. I get a little riled up over TR and they put up with me dancing my fool head off. They said I earned the pic! Ha! Daryl did sing his heart out-and they did a good set. Half way thru everyone was standing and never sat down till the show was over. The band did a great job the whole night. T-bone on base-it appears he loves what he does and cranks. Jeff on guitar jammed with TR and they got back to back holding each other up- really having fun. It was great to see! The saxophone player really whaled too. The keyboardist (on his way out of the theatre) says he's a big TR fan too! There was mutual respect in the air. TR even ran over to Daryl's mike and stole some lead vocals-both laughing. 

Technically it appeared TR was not hearing himself in the ear piece during oncore-seemed to be a little ticked but went on without it. I was fine with the acoustics-better than The Who at the Tweeter (that was bad acoustics). 

You could not deny the love that was felt when EVERYONE was singing Love is the Answer. Dang-I know TR doesn't like to take these songs out of the moth balls but it brings great energy to the show. Can We Still Be Friends another highlight. 

Tried to wait around to meet the man but flip-flopping doors proved to be the wrong approach and I missed him. It just wasn't meant to happen YET!

Would have loved to hear Afterlife-but just ask Kasim I'm a demanding fan. Gotta keep um on their toes!

Peace everyone-we shall meet at a show someday!

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8/27/2002 - Chicago Theatre - Chicago, IL

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