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"Oh Oh Here He Comes, He's a BugEater"
Todd and Hall & Oates at SwampBend, Cincinnati
"Big Expectations / Small Disappointments"

After hearing that Todd started the Columbus show with "Rain" then did "IDWTTYD", I was even more excited. The latter being one of my favorite Todd songs. I loved "LOTCM" and "Cliche" the first 20-some times I heard them live. I've never heard them with bugs in his mouth though (small consolation).

After that, the rest was amazing. He sounded great with the H&O players. "HMLAT" & "BG" rocked I've never seen him play "ILAYBITTM" so that was the high point for me. I really love that song.

H&O sounded great, but i really like their non hits better. I thought some "War Babies" material would've been a nice touch.

The encore was what made this such a unique show. Todd seemed a little more enthusiastc than on his own set. I loved hearing him singing on the H&O songs. All in all it was a GREAT show!

The 2nd disappointment was no "after show" (even with passes) The saving grace of that experience was meeting (as always) many nice people waiting. To the Japanese girls, who so kindly gave me a great H&O magazine, please e-mail me: I would like to repay your kindness.

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