Polaris Amphitheatre, Columbus, OH 8/23/02

Review by Steve Houlette, a 30 year fan, first time reviewer (Switch to

Rain (in deference to the weather)
I Don't Want To Tie You Down (pulled this one out of the archive - I've never seen him do it live - he "nailed" it beautifully)
The Hall and Oates' (H&O) band joined him on

Hit Me Like a Train
Buffalo Grass
I'm Looking at You (But I'm Talking to Myself)
Hello, It's Me - here he added a comic yet musically synchronized ending maybe to keep himself entertained
Parallel Lines - gorgeous
Love Is the Answer - great
Rock Love

Of course I pulled out all the old Rundgren recordings days prior to the show. Although I was satisfied with a night of good Ear Candy I keep anticipating the old live magic, but I guess the days of the supersonic, I've-gotta-rewind-that-immediately-and-hear-that-again guitar solos are gone. You know, like the one on "Utopia" and "Mr. Triscuits" from Another Live. Thank God this stuff was recorded

Hall and Oates were very good. There's no one who can sing like Daryl Hall live. Todd's studio voice is right up there, but Hall is in a class of his own on stage. He tore up Everytime You Go Away.  I think he probably helps motivate Todd to try a little harder since he's had a tendency to rely on his fans toleration of his sloppiness in the past when he's been alone.

The encore was as advertised.  It seemed the band was especially pleased with itself with Waiting For You and Can We Still Be Friends.  

Probably the richest individuals were on stage, and although it's difficult to say they earned their money they certainly showed us a lot of respect by putting out a great effort. It's hard to imagine they are that intense night after night. Sure wish someone would get TV rights to this kind of thing and put it on Pay Per View. C'mon Todd, you're on top of this right?   

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