Todd Rundgren Cleveland Show - 8/22/02

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Todd brings his "A" game to an enthusiastic standing room only crowd.

Did the famous and fun road trip from mishawaka, indiana to cleveland last night. went with my friend bailey who fortunately had only nine beers which is very key as at 10 he can become somewhat out of control. i on the other hand had only about 15 waters and colas as i was the designated driver not to mention the nasty demon would interfere with my vigorous training program.

knew immediately upon arriving at the tower city amphitheatre it was going to be a good night as OH was walking across a parking lot and i got a wave. had some really good tickets which i purchased first hour of sales online. front, middle section but row Y. arrived about an hour early and bailey didn't want to go in yet so he took a hike across a walkway to watch a couple innings of the cleveland indians.

i decided to just hang around and talk to TR fans.......and am i glad i did. a guy walked by and asked me if i needed tickets. i told him i had two and he said you may have two but they are not like these. after about five minutes of negotiation i now had traded my two tickets for his two tickets and i had to part with another $75.00. this is now starting to get expensive, but how often does one get middle section row A. not only a once in a lifetime opportunity, but i figure bailey will pay me half of the $75. that's where my thinking was a little off as he wasn't willing to even give me $5.00 - the cheap ass.

anyway, right on time TR appears and does the accoustic opening of love of the common man and hammer in my heart. then, band members join for some newer stuff and then the magic began. "i'm looking at you but i'm talking to myself", "parallel lines" and "love is the answer" were as good as the man has ever been. i knew my extra $75. was well worth it at this point. and "hello its me" was sung seriously and fantastic.

the set closed with "rock love" and i have to admit i was a little concerned about OH at this point as i have never seen a man sweat or jump as much in my life. the atmosphere was becomming a little gamey at this point with no air, lots of humidity, a rockin' crowd and sweat and spit flying all over the place ( reminded me a little of my last date as i recall).

It was now time for the hall and oates set and i have to admit i enjoyed them immensely - although they were not the reason i spent all that money, drove eight hours and got home at 2:40 a.m.

The encore ,as the other reviewers have written, was as good as any i have ever seen with TR and hall and oates really into the music. it was a special treat as it was my first time ever to hear live " can we still be friends"

Well, i've got to go rest up as it's on to chicago tuesday for sure and i just have a feeling i'm gonna wake up this weekend and not be able to resist the urge to road trip to cincinnati.

and yes, TR has still got it, he was really into his music and he is that good. 

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