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I along with my wife, sister and brother-in-law attended the Todd, H&O show thursday night.

When we headed for the venue from the parking lot we talked to a guy who said that Todd was wandering around backstage. So we headed that way where two trucks were parked, which I presumed were theirs, and were stopped by a guy who told us we were headed the wrong way. Was really hoping to get a chance to say hi to OH but evidently not this time! We headed for the front of the venue and bought the first round of drinks for the evening. Then meandered around making sure to get the latest and last XL Todd "have gun will travel" T-Shirt. Which my brother-in-law wanted the one with Todd's picture on it, but in white. They only had black. So if anyone knows how I can get a white one let me know!

We made our way to our seats which were on the right side, 10 rows back from the front. Not a bad view! Todd came out on time, as expected, and just like the Ringo all starr tour received the warmest applause from the crowd. He played all the songs as the other shows list, but added Hammer in my heart as a request. Thanks Todd!

I thought I spotted Michelle walking around backstage with a video camera and later I was certain it was her because she walked right down the aisle in front of us holding the camera above the crowd and filming as she moved toward the back of the crowd.

I noticed sometime during Todd's set that he was wearing the same kind of shoes I like to wear as they are comfy and you don't have to tie them up, just slip right into em'. I told my wife that he's wearing "Mr. Rogers shoes" as she call them. We both had a good laugh over that one!

When H&O came out they received a warm applause but were a little slow on warming up the crowd. It seemed the energy Todd showed to the crowd came back to him ten-fold! The songs they played were good and they seemed to get more into the act as they went on. I'm not a big H&O fan either but do have a few of their albums. I enjoyed most of their songs they played and also the new one from John's upcoming album.

It was fun and weird to see Todd sharing the stage with them toward the end of the night and He really seemed to be having a fun time especially "leaning" back to back with the H&O band's guitarist.

It seemed from the sound of the crowd there were more Todd fans there than H&O fans and with the list of songs played, possibly Todd opened the eyes of a few H&O fans to see the hidden talent we all know is there.

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