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I will say it right now - I have seen Todd every time he has played Cleveland since the "No World Order" and this was, without a doubt, the BEST I have ever seen him! By now everybody has read all of the other reviews of this Cleveland show so you already know the setlist. I felt this show was an excellent showcase for Todd the "songwriter". Many songs I thought I would never hear live (or "Un-Twisted") I got to hear for the first time and I just about had tears in my eyes the whole set. Was this the most "commercial" set Todd has done? Yes, but look at the songs. "Hello, It's Me" is a classic song, period. I can understand Todd's reluctance for not wanting to perform it for a long time but I'm sure many are grateful that he finally did.

   I can only hope that this tour is an indication to Todd that it is OK to play the occasional "hit". Look at the reaction he received whenever he did.

   Hall & Oates always seems to get a bad rap and I certainly do not understand why. A good song is a good song and Hall & Oates have a LOT of them! Their track record speaks for itself. Extra kudos have to go out to the Hall & Oates band for playing "double duty" the whole night -- a great job by everybody!

   All of this being said, I will never smile as much as I did when Todd joined Hall & Oates at the end of their set. My hands are still sore from all of the clapping and my voice is still rough from all of the singing!

   Some say it was wrong for Todd to sing H&O's songs or H&O singing Todd's songs. I say "Bullsh*t". Again, a good song is a good song and everybody involved did a magnificent job! It was a major thrill seeing Todd as a "team player" (to hell with "Abbey Road" - I liked this much better). The harmony solos he played on H&O's songs ("Kiss On My List" is my favourite H&O song) were breathtaking and his vocals were even better.

   Hopefully all parties involved realized this is a good thing and I can only hope that this won't be the last time Todd & Daryl Hall and John Oates do something like this!

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