Kahunaville, Willmington,DE

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I was able to see both the Merryweather Post Pavilion and Kahunaville shows, and must say that the the Kahunaville show was the best of the two, as far as TR is concerned. I'm sure the H20 fans enjoyed the extended sapfest, (They knew and sang all the lyrics), but it was obvious there were many TR fans in the crowd.

When I arrived the concert area was packed for the TR show, and a good number of people left after his set, H20 played for at least 90+ min before TR blessed the crowd with his appearance for the remainder of the show, another 45 min. As far as TR was concerned, he played the same exact set as Merriweather, but with a little tweaking on "Hello". The tightness and the sound was much crisper, for both bands, but sitting thru 90 min+ of H20 without TR was............

Oh, throughout TR reappearence with H20 the crowd was full of talk like..look, there's Todd,....Is that Todd?....They all loved him.

If you are ever at Kahunaville in the future, go in the main section and order their Nachos with the works, I must say they were the best plate of nachos I've ever had, and I give no praise lightly!

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