Kahunaville concert

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Random Thoughts:

Great energy in TR's performance.

In honor of kahunaville, TR performed an unrehearsed version Bang the Uke Daily on his acoustic guitar. TR was searching for the proper chords throughout and broke a string but managed to make it through the song. This crowd responded better to this version of the song than any other crowd I've seen yet.

Hit me Like a Train was great. T-Bone adds a lot to HMLAT. Great vocals at the end.

Buffalo Grass got the crowd started with its beat. The keyboard player flubbed quite a bit and was seen reading lyrics (TR must have wanted to kill this guy but was not visibly irratated more than twice)

The Night Music version of Parrallel Lines has been one of my favorites since seeing it on TV. It was great to see it live. The crowd loved it too.

OH mentioned that he had to play something the crowd would recognize so he went WAY back...Hello It's Me. TR's voice was a little hoarse during the evening...but HIM was sung exceptionally well.

Love is the Answer was also recognized by the largely H&O crowd.

Todd went crazy during Rock Love. I don't think we've seen him dance this much in the past decade. TR also ended the song with a semi James Brown type ending.

I think TR's performance will send some of the H&O fans to the CD store.

H&O's sound level was higher than TR's. I'm surprised they stooped that low.

I wasn't into H&O's performance that much until Sara Smile...then they had me. (I'm sorry Adult Education SUCKS!!!). the two new songs were very good. For some reason I found myself singing H&O brackround vocals they no longer sing(?).

The encores with Hall & Oates are the reason these concerts are NOT TO BE MISSED. I pray someone was able to record this (please send me a copy if you did). Todd does a great job on H&O's songs and Daryl Hall does a great job on Todd's. Of course, there was one or two times when OH seemed surprised that DH was singing his parts on his songs. And DH was surprised with the vocal liberties TR took with Rich Girl...definitely inspired. And there was a time it looked like Todd smirked because he was singning such inane lyrics during Kiss on My List.


Hhhhmmmm...Scranton, PA on Tuesday.....

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