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You all know the song list, etc. This is just a review from a long time fan who was lucky enough to be at Atlantic City on the 28th, at Toads on the 1st (my birthday) and at the PNC on the 16th. Unaware of the situation between Todd and Jack, I thought the Hilton show was great. Todd was subdued, but his version of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" was worth the trip. The show at Toads was exceptional. His accessibility with his audience is unique. That is why we keep coming back year after year, show after show. As always, he moved me to tears during Mated. Last night at the PNC was great. The crowd really got into him and he rocked. What a treat to see Rock Love performed live again. The set with Hall and Oats was outstanding. I love hearing him with a group of great musicians. As an added bonus, I made friends with another long time Todd fan from England, Mike, who I am hoping to hear from soon. Todd has a way of bringing people together and his fans are a testament to his genius, humor and soul.

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8/16/2002 - PNC Arts Center - Holmdel, NJ

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