Jones Beach

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Jones Beach is and always has been on of my favorite places to see a show and tonight was no exception.  I would say it was filled to about 80% capacity and that's preety good for this place. Most shows that I have seen here don't sellout. Once I saw Chicago and the Doobie Bros and the place was 1/2 filled. I am a big Todd fan and my wife loves H and O so this was sort of the perfect nght and the weather could not have been better.  

Todd was given a great introduction by the local radio station personality and she actually said he is an "amazing" talent- I agreed!!!!

The set list was about the same as the other reveiws.

I will say this was the best I have seen Todd since the time I saw him play to a 1/2 filled Nassau Colliseum back in the very early eighties with Utopia. Cheers to Todd as he even won my wife over with his soulful voice. I felt as though he truley enjoyed this gig- and I cannot say that of all the gigs I have seen Todd Play. What a great version of "Love is the answer".   I think the audience was surprised that it was a Todd song.  H and O were very good as well. I think the audience was thrilled with the show. Don't any of these rock stars guys age- H and Oates seem to have more hair then they did in the 80's???? Their fan have all aged. I must say that I felt young tonght-and I'm 41 and I would say there were a alot of 50 somethings there. I think alot of folks just like to go to this venue for the sake of a night out on the beach but tonight got something extra special that all seemed to enjoy.

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