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The Jones Beach show seemed to have nothing too different from what I've read about the other shows.  A notable difference from previous Todd shows I've seen, however, was the quality of his voice. It was in very good form. He hasn't been wailing on it lately, I guess.

Todd's set was:

Love of the Common Man
Hit Me Like a Freight Train
Looking at You (BITTM)
Buffalo Grass
Parallel Lines (edited)
Hello It's Me
Love is the Answer
Rock Love
After Cliche, members of the H&O band joined him. A verse was missing from Parallel lines, and the keyboard player (not Bob Mayo, H&O's former usual player) wasn't quite hitting it right for that song.

Once H&O took the stage, they played a full set.

Adult Education
Out of Touch
Say It Isn't So
Do It For Love
She's Gone
One On One
Color of Love
Everytime You Go Away
Sara Smile
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do).
(among others)
For the encores, TR joined them and traded singing parts with Daryl for all the remaining songs. Todd would sing a verse, followed by Daryl and vice-versa.

We were treated to:

Wait For Me
Can We Still Be Friends?
Rich Girl
I Saw the Light
Kiss On My List
Hot Fun in the Summertime
The show got better and better as the night progressed. It made getting two tickets outside the venue for $0.00 make me almost feel guilty. But then again, I did pay $4.50 for an ice cream. And people wonder why there were riots at the 1999 re-creation of Woodstock? Puh-lease!

Todd should continue to play with full bands. It lends so much more to his music. And if you saw him enough in the 80's with his piano and acoustic, you've seen enough of those shows to last you a long time. And if you haven't, I'll mail you a tape! 516.317.2900

Question all as to their ways, and learn the secrets that they hold.

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