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Kevin's comment on the venue was on target, but it was more than that . It was creepy. Keep in mind most Chastain concert goers buy tckets for the season and well....go see whoever is playing. It stays fairly vanilla and never strays too far away from Kenny Loggins /James Taylor/Jimmy Buffet style.

As soon as he walked on, to a lukwarm reception, he went straight to the edge of the stage and in a solemn sincere voice , leaning over, told one table of wine and cheeser's , " I won't interrupt your dinner." He took a couple of other clever digs at the feckless ambiance , balancing grace and style that he is so masterful at.

He was in top form, guitar playing was exceptional I heard it quite well (I was dead center half way back ) from there the mix was clean. I did hear a slight lack of tightness in the H& O band with his material, but hey , it's the summertime, having fun was the point and I thought it was a very class thing for H&O to loan out their band.

The thing that was so creepy aside from the venue of neo yuppies was're there to see Todd (I was) but you are in the WAY minority ... H& O fans have no EDGE, their cool ---ok.... Live & let live but hey... H & O does not play music with an edge . Plus they had no idea who Todd Rundgren was ... except for the radio hits...I've been a fan far too long ... He is far too significant of an artist to be performing to very large crowds of people that are not there to LISTEN to him. I have NEVER been to a Rundgren/Utopia concert where the mass talked through the show and largely ignored the music. That was very disconcerting to me.

Thanks for Coming to Atlanta Mr. Rundgren.Many of us really appreciated it.

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