Merriweather Post, Columbia MD, Aug 11

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Not much to add to the other reviews for this night. I reinforce their high praise for the evening's encore which was the beautiful blending of 3 warm voices fitting together as nicely as your favorite soft suede glove. Blue-eyed Philly soul. In this case, the whole WAS greater than the sum of the parts.

Going to the show essentially as a TR fan, I was so pleased to hear "newish" kinds of things - live version of "Hit me like a Train", Las Vegas-style version of "Hello its Me" (light and funny, but not too irreverent), a kind of a ballad-style "I'm Looking at You (But I'm Talking to Myself) - almost didn't recognize it. "Parallel Lines", Buffalo Grass - so pretty. Oh, and my first hearing of a live version of "Rock Love" since Utopia days. The collection of fresh-sounding or seldom-played material is what many TR fans thrill to hear if they go to alot of shows or tours. It also helped make the miserly 45-minute set seem fuller and longer.

I just have to mention (kindly advice? a counterweight to the torrent of gushing superlatives he usually gets from us?) that it would be nice if he could drop a few of the songs that challenge his upper-octave range on particular nights. I'm confused by his choice of "Cliche" and "Love of the Common Man" as the first two opening songs - recent tour-followers will know that familiar cringe when you hear "I've been bur-ur-ur-ur-urned in my prime ... " if his voice is not warmed up, thin, or is burned out - or if the guitar is not tuned or has a broken string. Perhaps he chose them as a poor-man's version of warming up? They are certainly good songs, but they just sound better now on vinyl and CD, than they do live. Sorry, guy. Love 'ya.

I used to love H&O in the 1970's, and saw them live then several times. I remembered how I always was blown away by their live performance and tight band, and would lament that the recorded stuff could not quite reach that level. Last night was very similar - their horn player was fabulous. And frequent comments overheard from concertgoers were either similar to mine, or "I used to think they were too lightweight, too pop ... but having seen them live, now I think they're great".

But above all, I wish I could hear more of the trio doing "Can we still be Friends" and "Wait For Me" and "I Saw the Light" and "Kiss on my List" - I loved the trading of leads on each others' songs. It was too short - I want more !. "Hot Fun in the Summertime" was delicious.

Catch this show if you get the chance.

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