Merriweather Post Pavilion 8/11/2002

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Well, I just read Bob Hartke's review and Anthony Roger's review. Boy, did Anthony Rogers screw up. Because after Maneater, the Philly show took off. Bob Harke's review nails it. It was a Philly vocal trade off between Darryl Hall and Todd. Their interchangability, if such a word, was outstanding.

My girlfriend had never seen Todd prior to last night and frankly was not familiar with him, except the "hits". Now she was dating a TR fanatic (Hello, Its Me, 1968). We sat in our okay seats in the Pavilion during TR's set. Its the farthest away I'd ever been for a Todd show. And as Hartke said his set was an opening acts 45 minute set. (Talking to Myself is from "Utopia" the 3 sided LP). Loved Train, Buffalo Grass, and, of course, Parallel Lines, which is just a beautifully written song. Closed out with the "hits".. Hello, Its Me and Love is the Answer and as mentioned Rock Love.

Went to the "Lawn Seats" for Hall and Oates, where we were sitting for Todd it was too humid. Outside on the lawn was wonderful. Cool, no humidity and great sound.

And Hall and Oates were "on". Always seems great to catch a group at the beginning of a tour. Darryl's voice was fabulous, especially on Everytime You Go Away, Sara, She's Gone and I Can't Go For That.

And it bears repeating, the price of admission was worth the encore alone. It's one of the best shows I've seen in 2002. And my girlfriend can't wait to see Todd in a club setting now.

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