8/11/02-merriweather post

Review by Anthony Rogers (Switch to

well-i got there early and got some real nice tixs for a low price-nice crowd but no lawn seat sold ..crowd mostly about the age that loved "maneater" in high school...good to see barry beseigel, marc linovitz, ariel and neeta...

todd just walked out on the stage and began:

set list:

LCM (good start)
Cliche' (real good version-one of best ive heard))
--the band then came out-t bone, drummer (who looked like willie circa 80). and keyboard player (later the sax player and gtr dude came out) next was a strident version of)
hit me like a train (great tight sound)....then came the shocker:)
im looking at you but im talking to myself (this has been missing for almost 20 yrs now from the set)..some voc flubs but altogther nice-good background singers..)
buffalo grass (strange choice-came off ok..but no"cat claw vocs during the last verse))
next was the bway version of parallel lines (t bone may have played on the version on night music w/sanborn in the 80s)-the vocals were nice-very nice choice)
hello its me was the 3/4 version featured on nh tour and the most recent awdar 2..crowd went nuts-the crowd really ate up all opps all night long to participate, so they loved this)
then came love is the answer-tr said something like-i cant leave you on such a sappy note and tore into rock love..some tech probs w/ gtr but all in all todd palyed and sang well and i think he was challenged by the great vocs of the h and o crew-personally-although H and O kept the crowd on their feet, i couldnt stand the way that every single song would-break down and go on forever..i know todds done it too (its a philly thing) but it wore on me after awhile..also, not to offend anyone but im not ever going to think that "i cant go for that" or "maneater" are good songs.BUT.....H and O sounded good, crowd on their feet for the whole of H and Os set- but i left as soon as "maneater" started...decided to get a head start home...hey-go see this-todd played and sang as good as ive seen him in years..he was especially confident on gtr ..go see it!.........mr rogers (in a black buccos hat)

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8/11/2002 - Merriweather Post - Columbia, MD

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