todd at toads in NHaven

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Like linda said it was like having Todd in your own living room. I liked his relaxed nature. It is nice to see a musician who does get caught up in the perfection/self image thing. A mistake here and there is reality man. And like Todd once said but not in these exact words, to leave some flaws in can be a beautiful thing and should be allowed. Based on that statement this was exactly what the performance was like (i'm not being sarcastic this was refreshing). It was not so much like going to a show but more like just hanging with Todd one night while there was a piano and ocoustic twelve string Ovation kicking around... He attempted To Far Gone and stopped shortly into it because the poor guy had not played it in a while and could not remember it. I could feel his pain. I learned that tune on piano about a year ago. tried to sit down and play it the other day after not playing it for a few months... Total brain fart (daaa.......... howd dat go)... That's just the way it goes.......

Well I have to say it was an inspiration as it always is when I see Todd. It's kind of like my yearly dose of CPR. When I begin to sufficate musically Todd blows the wind back in and revives me for a while... That inspiration lead me to a Mercy Mercy Me performance in my living room.. As the people outside sitting on a curb in the bank parking lot listened... I would close my windows but it is just to fricken hot...

Anyways thanks Todd... Not really the greatest review effort on my part... Maybe someday I'll get to meet the Man of Mistery (total sarcasm)

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