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the venue: it's a bit warm inside Toad's, doesn't feel like the AC is on at all. there is a good crowd of people here. unlike the other times i've been to Toad's, there are seats in front of the stage. i think there are two square "tables for four" jutting out from the stage. about 7 or 8 people are seated around those tables. behind them are, if memory serves, about 5 rows of folding chairs that begin and end at the sides of the stage. behind the chairs, there is just enough room between the end of the chairs and the raised soundboard area for about 3 rows of standing room for fans and an alley way of walking room for the wait staff. there is more standing room on both sides of the stage with a large area to the side that will be on TR's far right. this area has the feel of a separate section and houses a large L-shaped or rectangular bar, surrounded on all sides by stools.

the gig: let's dream together, people...

before he begins, TR rearranges the mic and the monitors to the way he remembered them a few hours ago. it is a joking comment. continuing to joke, he explains that he scared the p!ss out of the house staff at sound check, as he admits it is his own fault for not paying anyone to help him on this gig. he appears to be in good spirits. he is dressed in the usual black on black on black dung beatle ensemble. once his mic and monitors are properly arranged, he begins "hammer in my heart.'" he slips up on guitar here, forgetting the chords of one section. finding what he thinks may be the correct chords he says something like "let's pretend those are them... let's dream together, people."

the first guitar section of the evening:

i don't want to tie you down
love of the common man
the house carpenter
throughout the night, there's commentary aplenty on the dung beatles. he seems pleased that he is done with that tour. he is, in his words, "ecstatic." there's further commentary on his hair, iraq, and train travel. also throughout the night, coming from the aforementioned bar, there a din of chatter that can be heard by some during the quieter moments of the show . TR comments on this at one point, making some joke about a separate louder bar. he tries to "bum them out" with "the house carpenter." tonight, his voice is strong, he has difficulty hitting the high notes on about two or three occasions (during 'free, male &21' he wondered if he could get through)

toad's has what appears to be a grand piano. his pre-piano rap includes his usual disclaimer about his playing and a discussion of his internal chemistry, endorphins, 'and other things.' when he says 'other things' he pics up a mug that i believe has about two shots of whiskey and takes a small sip, and take his position at the keys. he gets through the piano portion with minimal trouble, but 'too far gone' is too far gone. 'a man's got to know his limitations.' after the piano portion, TR begins to move back to the mic at center stage. at this point in time, the middle of the show, a woman seated in the front stands and attempts to hand TR some items for him to sign. TR explains the inappropriateness of this behavior. he also explains it's best if she blow her cigarette smoke away from his face. he and she interact later in the show as well.

piano section:

too far gone (aborted)
the return to the mic at center stage returns TR to the guitar and more dung beatle commentary and two songs from that tour - "i've just seen a face" and "you've got to hide your love away." "face" has a mesmerizing solo and ends with a "yee haw!"

dung section:

hide your love
done with dung, TR moves on to bossa nova. this portion features the band in a box. after the first toon, he declares the tiki lounge open. "suffering bastards for all my friends..." he doesn't have his shaker for these songs, so he asks people down front for some keys or something so he can shake 'em. a different woman down front obliges. TR plays (car & house) keys. after influenza, TR and the woman with the sharpie and winstons interact yet again. the show ends with TR back on guitar for 'one world' and, yes, he has trouble finding the right chords.

bossa nova section:

never never land
encore #1 is the wheel. a pic is tossed to the woman with the sharpie and winstons but she is unable to catch it (a winston in her fingers, i think) encore #2 is 'hawking' and the night ends as it began, let's dream together people...

a great show.

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