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My wife and I went to the Sunday night AWDAR show in Atlantic City. There was a good crowd in attendance, mostly around our age (wink, wink). They came on at 8:00, no intermission, and were done by 9:55.

- Opened with all playing typical Beatles songs like Hard Days Night. Everyone seemed in decent spirits on stage.

- Todd did Open Your Eyes and Hello. Both were good. Open Your Eyes really rocked as Todd's guitar playing was flawless. No guitar for Hello.

- Mark Farner was okay. He performed Taxman, I'm You Captain and Closer to Home, which was nice to hear again but his set was longer then Todd's. Mark seem happy to be anywhere in his red sequined jump suit. Ran into the audience during his guitar solo.

- Christopher Cross is a very good guitar player. The sound of his songs were very melodic and a sharp contrast from previous music. With cap and heavy black leather jacket, he looked a little odd on a hot summers night.

- Alan Parson was the second biggest treat behind Todd. He did Eye in the Sky and Games People Play which were quite good. Some good guitar work by Geoffrey, the backup/lead guitar player. Alan wore a silk shirt which perfectly outlined his over 50 belly. The guitar didn't hide the fact that we enjoys eating. Alan then was proud to announce 'what we all have been waiting for'.

- Jack Bruce was terrible in my opinion. His voice was okay, but he started with a bass guitar solo, which sucked. I'm a bass player and he was awful, and it went on forever. He was struttinging all over the stage in his pajamas and big gut as if he was actually doing something. Then it went into Sunshine of your Love that went on forever with a very loud, repititious and obnoxious ending. Then he did Eleanor Rigby and he sounded very pompous. His set was by far longer then anyone elses and was quite boring. He was the only performer allowed on stage with all of the headliners. Unfortunately, the crowd seemed to love it.

- They all came back on and did Beatle songs, of all things. Highlights were Todd doing While My Guitar Gently Weeps. The guitar work in that song was as good as I've heard him in a while. Back In The USSR and Birthday really stood out and rocked. The rest sounded okay as many older Beatle songs seem to sound the same.

The drummer was excellent. He emulated Ringo's quirky style in songs such as Ticket to Ride perfectly.

For an encore they did Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End from the end of Abbey Road which was also great.

They seemed hurried all night, except for Jack Bruce of course. It was an okay concert with only three showcase songs for Todd. The show wasn't as good as the two previous Ringo shows we saw with Todd. I believe it was because they didn't stay on the stage. There wasn't a repore between them. Bruce & Todd on the Ringo tour were amazing together. There was none of that here.

At the time of the concert, we hadn't heard about the riff between Todd & Jack on Friday, but we heard some rumors going around we couldn't make out. I, too, think that this should be the last of this line of shows. They really looked they were just going through the motions, even if it sounded good. I did get a new Todd T Shirt though, it says "Have gun, will travel". You figure it out.

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