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I know everyone has heard enough reviews of this show, so I will only mention what was notable about this show. This was a shorter show with no intermission and ran about an hour and a half.

Now here's what was notable:

Todd was in good form and seemed to be enjoying himself. We are now towards the last few songs when just as the band finishes a song and is just starting another, Jack Bruce runs over to Todd, taking Todd by surprise, and is screaming at him!

I mean screaming at him and really getting in his face. He seemed so mad that it looked like he was almost ready to hit Todd.

Todd was definitely caught by surprise and I think in shock by this guy out of nowhere ranting at him.

Meanwhile, the band had already started the next song which Todd was supposed to sing. After Jack finished waiving his hand in Todd's face and foaming at the mouth, he went back to his spot on the stage.

Todd really looking in shock over the whole thing, went to his mike and picked up his lead vocal after missing the first verse or two. I really have to give Todd a lot of credit because he was clearly shaken from the encounter and started to sing kind of quietly, but was able to shake it off and finish the song.

As soon as the song was over, Jack stormed off the stage, and the band did the next song without him.

The guys in the band as well as Todd seemed to be looking at each other like: What the hell happened?

Then jack was back on stage for the last song or two as the show ended. As the soon as the song was over he was gone. They then came out for the encore. Again when the song was over Jack barged off stage. The entire band lined up together to take a bow together, without Jack. But before they took their bow, you could see them looking at each other and shrugging their shoulders when they saw that Jack had left again and wouldn't take a bow with the band.

This whole thing clearly put a damper on the last few songs of the show. While we don't know what Jack Bruce was so upset about, it really just seemed very unprofessional that he would behave the way he did, right in the middle of a show.

Todd on the other hand, seemed so taken by surprise with the whole thing. But even so, he was able to hang together and do what he had to do.

Really a true professional because even I felt shaken up for him.

Whatever Todd did to get Jack so angry at him, Jack behaved really badly. I do not think to kindly of him at the moment. (not that I ever did)

I think it's a good thing that this tour is just ending, because things are clearly not so good with these guys.

I'm sure they will be glad to get the last show over. 

I'm sorry my first review to the trconnection had to be about this bizarre occurrence.

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