Review of 7-25-02 Westbury Show

Review by Michael Racioppi (Switch to

The show went from 8:10PM to 10:50PM with a 15 minute intermission

They started with a few beatle songs and from the beginning it was apparent to all that this was Todd's band and he was the leader. He looked HAPPY!!

The venue is a theater in the round with pretty good acoustics and a revolving stage.

He did Open my eyes - very nice but he cut out the extra guitar solo at the end - damn!

Next he did Hello it's me - surprisingly good and done with feeling.

And then Rain - OUTSTANDING!!!!! (sounded like I was listening to faithful)

He then left the stage for 1 hour until intermission (which sucked) but the band enjoyed themselves and the sound was very good.

After intermission, it was all beatle toons and while my guitar gently weeps sounded great

I really enjoyed the show and if you can get down to Atlantic City tonight and Sunday - it will be well worth the trip...

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