Abbey Road in Brooklyn

Review by Rick M. (Switch to

Todd, where were you man? I waited for three hours in the Coney Island sun and sat through forty minutes of an insufferable opening act just so I could hear "Open My Eyes." I was on the verge of vomiting when the warm up band ripped into "Hot Blooded" so I got up and walked to the backstage area to see if Todd was around. Nope, but Chris Cross was. I asked were Todd was. He said he wasn't playing because of the Hall & Oates gig at Jones Beach next month. So don't feel bad if you missed the show, Todd wasn't there.

P.S. The warm up band was The Monsters of Classic Rock. Similar in concept to AWDAR, a bunch of guys playing their old hits. It was guitar & bass from Steppenwolf and the drummer from Foreigner (whew, talk about bottom of the barrel) along with some super cheesy mercenary type session guys and (hurray) Denny Laine from The Moody Blues and Wings. They should get him in Abbey Road. I did get to hear him sing "Go Now" so the night wasn't a total loss.

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