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Thought I would send over a quick review on the show in case some people are still on the fence about going. Like most on The Connection I've seen a fair amount of R&R shows and experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. AWDAR is definitely the good part. Show was strong from start to finish and never got that feeling of wishing that the show would end - that you had seen/heard enough - AWDAR is like seeing a minnie me multi bill show - You get to catch material from each of the guys in the band + The Beatles material - sort of like seeing five different acts and then they all come out for a mega encore.

The musicianship and on stage presence follows what has been stated in other shows and the play of Godfrey Townsend, Steve Murphy and John Beck cannot be understated - Townsend would give the other guy of a similar name a run and Murphy drums with a great anthem.

As a Todd fan/critic - His voice was as strong as ever and still has the range and ability to scream with the best, hit the highs and lows all within a 20 second span. Guitar was very sharp/tight and looked like he was having fun both playing and being with the other guys on stage. Only thing that one would like to see is Todd taking more advantage of his time slot to cover his own material - he was up and done doing "Open My Eyes" and" Hello It's Me" in less than 8 min whereas Jack Bruce took a good 15 to taking it to the mat in playing "Sunshine of Your Love" and "White Room". I am on the side of the other reviewers who sees the Hello It's Me version as campy - Wayne Newtonish - Wish that he would either put some spank in the song or pick another song that let's Todd show off what he is capable of - Which he did on Open My Eyes.

Other quick comments

Mark " Fanny" Farmer was shaken his stuff like a hip hop dancer on MTV2 but he got the crowd moving on Captain.
Alan Parsons songs were really brought to life by G. Townsend who gave Eye in the Sky a nice Floyd sound
Christopher Cross is not a AM radio geek but can hold his own as a guitarist
Jack Bruce is ageless and he and Townsend put on a show with White Room and Sunshine.

Hope they keep this alive for next year and get a better handle on the promotion of the show

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