Burlington, IA

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This is a follow-up to Anna Toberman's review of the Burlington, IA show. The show was great and just as Anna described. I know, I sat on the left side of the center aisle in row two, Anna was seated to my right on the right side of the center aisle in row two.

Coincidintally we also ended up at the same sports bar at the same hotel after the show. What a nght! Beck, Murphy and Townshend were very friendly and courteous. I was especially impressed with Godfreys professional kindness.

Now the bad news for Anna and her husband. Moments after you guys left, Todd showed up! He walked into our little circle just as Steve and Godfrey we're dissing Todd about something from the show. (Maybe calling Burlingotn Bloomington? I don't remember.) Any way he just casually chastised them "Children, children, children...", then sat down next to me and ordered a beer. He visited with us for almost an hour, answering our questions, ribbing his band mates, and signing autographs. It was great!

I seen the Tobermans the next morning at breakfast but in my grogginess, failed to remember they had left a few minuites ahead of Todd's arrival.

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