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I realized the next day that I couldn't even remember all of the songs they did,but then again,everyone knows the setlist.

My brain is still churning the events AFTER the show in the lounge! What a thrill to hear 'Go All The Way' our table!

Godfrey,Steve and John are hysterically funny and down to earth,the majority of the conversation was about music,who they've graced the stage with and the 'dream' Abbey Road band,Susannah Hoffs,Robin Zander,Brian May and Billy Squier,according to Godfrey. Apparently Billy Squier was "totally down with doing it" till they found out his expected salary was that of the entire band!

Todd finally appears,literally as Godfrey was telling us the "real" story of the psychedelic SG.I saw him first so I said there he is!!!Someone else said sssshhhhh.I got the impression Todd was ready to leave,he was told they wouldn't leave till 2 AM so he decides to have a beer and join us.

He fielded some questions and obliged us with more photos and autographs,talked about Rex and some sort of baseball technicality that clearly annoyed him.

It all seemed a bit subdued after TR arrived,but still,great fun,certainly no complaints here.

Godfrey says I'm gonna sit by the girls and promptly moved next to us,I am not certain if it was to get away from Todd or what.

TR had a tough time with "I wanna hold your hand" and was singing all the wrong words at all the wrong times,I noticed CC's voice got louder,he was looking at TR as if to say THESE ARE THE WORDS!

Jack fell down right in front of me,my initial reaction was Oh My God!!I felt sorry for was like seeing my grandpa fall down!Luckily,he wasn't hurt,his face turning beet red.

Then there's Mark Farner.I really enjoyed Closer To Home and Bad Time but the dancing...I couldn't even watch him,it was something between a chicken and the macarena,maybe a chicken doing the macarena,I dunno.

It was especially nice to spend time with the entire group of Todd fans,trading stories and sharing bits of info about OH,what a great bunch. What a great time,I wish I could have seen a few more shows,definately looking forward to next year.

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7/14/2002 - Memorial Auditorium - Burlington, IA

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