A Walk Down Abbey Road

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The Greek Theatre, Hollywood, California

The Greek is a great venue. For those who have never been, it's set in the Hollywood Hills with lucious greenery hovering over and around the seating. The weather was warm with a slight breeze and when the band came out promptly at 7:32 p.m. the sun had not set yet and it was as bright as day. The curatins opened and they immediately began playing 'A Hard Day's Night'.

Bummer for me, i was in the aisle about 20 seats away from my recording equipment when they came on, so as i ran back to my seat to turn the record button on, i was able to catch the second part of the first song. Todd was smack in the middle and prominent just like his voice. He seemed to be the 'leader' of the band this evening as it was mostly TR talking to the audience, introducing the band, and some banter here and there. As usual, Alan Parsons was quiet and a tad meek.

The set list throughly pleased me. Different from last year, this year they did more of the poppy tunes from the Beatles' earlier days. Opening with 'A Hard Day's Night' was a great start . Of course Jack Bruce made sure there was some hard core guitar ripping for his tunes,which was very impressive. A flashback to the Ringo tour when he and Todd shared the stage and the same tunes were played with the same feirce agression. But tell me something...why the heck was Godfrey Townshend playing lead guitar when it should have been Todd. Clearly more suited I might add, what was the point in glorifying Godfrey when we have Todd? My personal peeve.

As far as critiquing the tunes and musicians: first of all, i can do without Christopher Cross. His voice sounds worse to me in his later years than when he was popular in the 80's with those hideous tunes - which of course he played for us on this night. 'Ride Like The Wind', and 'Sailing' - Omg. Ironically, my battery on my recording device died about 2 minutes into his playing 'For No One'. But didn't notice until he was playing his last tune which was one of the above. I wouldn't have purposely eliminated any songs as i like to have the full show for everyone to enjoy on disc, but it just happened to work out that way. By the time i put my new battery in, Alan Parsons was just apporaching his mic to play 'Eye In The Sky'. I really enjoyed Alan's tunes, just like last year. I think he is an increadible song writer. Though his voice i can do without.

Thoroughly impressed with Mark Farner. I so enjoyed his energy and was very happy to hear "Bad Time To Be In Love". Mark did an alternative version (his own) of 'Taxman', which i have not grown comfortable with yet. Perhaps as i listen to my recording over and over again, i can learn to appreciate it more. His getup? Was he wearing that cowboy outfit at the other shows too? He was out there making his fashion statement. Just before the second set began, my boyfriend and i were walking in front of the stage with the curtain drawn, heading back to our seats. this time i was on time for my record button. The boys were behind the curtain tuning their guitars when we heard todd say 'boy that christopher really makes me cross'. chuckling back to our seats, the curatins opened and the began with 'Norweigan Wood'. All were sitting on stools and singing harmoneously in unison. The sound was superb and soothing to my ears. This was what i was ultimately waiting for. The number one pleaser for me was 'If I Fell' - The harmonies were right on for this one.

Catch this show, it's blows away last year in my opinion

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