Concord goes down Abbey Road

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Last night was a treat........... I don't get to more than 3-4 concerts in a year and was this a great one to be at ! The line-up was great..........I wasn't sure how Mark Farner would fit in and/or how Christopher Cross got involved ( both exceded my expectations), but the chance to see Todd and Jack Bruce was enough to get me there! I hadn't seen Todd since the early seventies , right at the beginning of the Utopia years, and his wit and playing were great last night !

I'm not going to do a blow by blow accounting like some of the previous reviews, but the energy, musicianship and electricity surrounding all of the perfomers was great. My biggest surprise was hearing how great Godfrey Townsend was on guitar! The two Cream numbers turned into incredible power trio jams and his rendition of Here Comes the Sun and his co-leading of While My Guitar Gently Weeps with Todd was incredible. Todd was so energized during the electric Beatle numbers!

Sure there were some glitches here and there ( Alan Parsons stumbling on his own lyrics momentarily, Todd breaking strings and Mark Farner's unique dancing, but they were minor or entertaining in their own way !)

As the second set neared the end, I kept thinking they can't top that one, but they kept adding frosting onto this eclectic cake ! Todd sent shrivers down my spine with his intro to My Generation in tribute to John Entwhistle and Jack Bruce delivered the bass break with guts!

I'd go again in a second!

Jerry Stabile, Los Gatos

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