A Walk Down Abbey Road

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Great show last Friday night! "A Walk Down Abbey Road". Simply just....tons of fun. People partying and dancing in the isles. I was actually a bit shocked to see the Chronicle Pavilion as full as it was. I expected a lot less people.

8:15 pm.........They walk out onto the stage and are positioned as follows from left to right:

Mark Farner (Grand Funk), Jack Bruce, Todd Rundgren, Christopher Cross, and Alan Parsons.

In the background was a great drummer, another great studio guitarist who had ALL the George Harrison (and Clapton) licks down cold, and a keyboard player.

The shows starts off with them jumping into........

A Hard Day's Night
Day Tripper
Eight Days A Week
Ticket To Ride
1. Rundgren is introduced as the first solo segment (with full band in background):

Rain (which he actually did a cover of on his Faithful album)
Hello It's Me
Open My Eyes (The Nazz hit from '69)

(Todd exits stage)

2. Next, Mark Farner (who actually surprised me......he was really quite good....)

Taxman (sort of a Joe Walsh type downbeat version)
Bad Time (...actually a very nice surprise....a semi-hit from the early 70's. I had this single.)
I'm Your Captain [I'm Getting Closer To My Home] (Great! Audience sing along....and everybody knew the song!)
(Farner exits stage)

3. Next, Christopher Cross (in great voice......beautiful sounding)

For No One (Cross says this was John's favorite song that Paul ever wrote)
Ride Like The Wind (Jack Bruce taking 2nd vocal originally sung by Michael McDonald)
(Cross exits stage)

4. Alan Parsons (surprised me what a good singer he actually is)

Eye In The Sky
And I Love Her
He closed with a rocker from one of his solo albums, but I couldn't remember the title. Very good though. Got the place movin' ! (Parson exits stage)

5. Jack Bruce (...the place is starting to go nuts...)

Sunshine Of Your Love
Eleanor Rigby (One of the highlights for me......Bruce's voice was soaring in this. He hasn't lost a thing).
White Room (people are starting to do hippie dancing in the isles)

ALL of the solo segments got standing ovations, but Bruce's was quite long and large....and he was a bit oversome by it.....saying......."Wow........I really love you guys......I mean THANK YOU.......I REALLY love you guys"

(NOTE: Jack Bruce plays his bass through the entire show.......no breaks like the others......but now......).

The entire band takes a 15 minute break.

The come back out (in the order) and are ALL sitting on stools with acoustic guitars (except Bruce on bass). Drums and keyboards still in the background. Here, the progress into an "unplugged" set, but it's almost like one big huge campfire singalong.....and here we go.......

Norwegian Wood
If I Fell
Things We Said Today
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
I Should Have Known Better
Back to standing and electric guitars. (One note: Alan Parsons played a plugged acoustic guitar almost all night, with the exception of occassionally playing keyboard. Christopher Cross played both acoustic and electric rythmn. Rundgren and Farner now back on electric).
I've Just Seen a Face
I Feel Fine
We Can Work It Out
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Rundgren does guitar solo where the whole place goes nuts. He even broke a string while doing it and amazingly just kept on playing......they showed the string break on the big screen......the joint goes crazy).

Parsons invites anybody in the lawn area to come down to any openings on the main floor.

Here Comes The Sun

Todd sez, for anyone with a birthday during the past 6 months.....or.....the NEXT 6 months....this is for you: Birthday (Isles are full of dancers now)

I Saw Her Standing There
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Todd says, "That would normally end our show, but......as you've heard, we lost an icon of a musician this week....who went (Todd points to the sky). He was also an alumni of this band....so this song is for him:"

My Generation

Band exits stage. Comes back for encore:

Back In The USSR
One more, but we were exiting by now to get a head start out of the gate....so I can't tell you what the final song was.

This review was just out of my memory, so a couple songs may have been out of order here and there, but they all WERE played. What a song list !!! This show was really fun and well worth the (comparitively inexpensive) ticket.......only $35. They played until 11:00 am......so with the break......they played 2 1/2 hours.

If ya ever get a chance to see this, it's really a fun evening.

One of the funniest things was this kid who sat in front, to the right of us. His girlfriend had apparently brought him along, as she wanted to go with her parents. I mean.......this kid just DIDN'T get it........everybody around him was singing, dancing, and having a great time......and he looked like he was on another planet. I thought to myself......"Well.......I guess there's no wall around for him to bang his head into while listening to CREED. Poor little guy". Pathetic.


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