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My friends and I arrived quite early at the Radisson to get in line, I saw the tour bus pull up, and everybody depart, this was my chance to get Todd to sign my new Live In San Francisco DVD, I caught him as he was checking in at the Hotel. He said "Oh this is the new one, I haven't even seen it yet". After some chit chat I resumed my place in line, later, Todd walked by us and we asked to have our picture taken with him, of course he obliged us. We got in line way too early, it was a hundred degree day here in Sacramento, but we scored front row center seats, it was worth the wait! The Radisson Grove is about a 500 seat outside venue, and looked to be about three quarters sold, not bad since the venue was not announced until two weeks prior to the show, and with little radio promo. It was a treat to see Todd and Co. in my area for a change (I live near Sacramento).

The band came on and really rocked, opening with "A Hard Day"s Night". Todd's solo set was superb he did a great "Hello It's Me'', I'm kind of tired of the song, but the crowd sure loved it. After TR's set it was Mark Farners turn and he had the coolest riff to "Taxman", reworking it by adding Bush for Mr.Wilson and Greenspan for Mr.Heath. Mark had the crowd singing loud "I'm Getting Closer To my Home". Christopher Cross did his set, and he still has a top notch voice and guitar chops. I do wish Chris would have sang the Alan Parsons tunes, but I've got to hand it to Alan for having the guts to sing, his songs are tough, and the only song he sang last year was "Blackbird".

Jack Bruce thoroughly amazed me, this was the first time I've seen him, he was a workhorse on the bass, and he can sing his ass off!

The second set got off to a rocky start, I think only Mark Farner knew the song "Things We Said Today", everyone else was totally lost, but it was fun watching them squirm. And it got better after that - way better. I think TR tried not to steal the show, but he basically did anyway. The People who were not real familiar with him or his music walked away from this show very impressed I'm sure. You can bet he made a few new fans this evening.

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6/25/2002 - Radisson Grove - Sacramento, CA

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