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Too many too count, anymore, but some how we made it to number upper 30 something show, but trekking north of Houston to almost Okalahoma (ok, we don’t drive much. Leaving on extended 2 week vacation out of country tomorrow, but, what a second, priorities are priorities, we can (again) catch a something-or-another TR show in Houston before we go.

So, , what can you do for me? Only 115 bucks for two Row P tix off to the left? Well, suppose that will work….Why not?

Houston is not Hawaii. Kind of ugly at night, hot/humid. But, much to our surprise, the pavilion was not that uncomfortable, albeit too large for my (aging) tastes. 

Todd walks on perfectly on time….love of the common man (caught the end of it trying to get through “Security* with a both of Carb-water. Too many milling about, aimless folks for my liking, but great to see Todd solo, yet again. Very, very excellent PA system, crisp, clear, every lick and word was there for the taking.

But what did it ring “phoned in?” Especially on his birthday? Maybe the crowd was just too big (many, many thousand ---of tull fans).

Raw at points hearing old, old songs, thinking how time has slipped by since my first date with my still wife…..

Couldn’t help thinking how wonderful it would be at a local music venue (the mucky duck) where a couple of hundred would pay 50 (I did anyway!) for one or two shows in an intimate setting…..THAT would have been something!

All in all, in the outdoor, pre-Tull world, I’m sad to say I was shortchanged, and hoping to catch a latter show this summer, somewhere, that adequately represents the genius of Todd.

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